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Ultrasound scan baby package & service from Klinik As Salam

Ultrasound Scan Baby 2D/3D/4D

We provide 4D / 3D / 2D ultrasound scans with air-conditioned rooms with wall-mounted LCD TVs for easy viewing. Ultrasound is a painless diagnostic test that is usually performed by women during pregnancy. High frequency sound waves will penetrate into the womb and be reflected by the fetus as vibrations. The emitted waves are translated into electrical signals and displayed as monochrome images on a screen, displaying fetal tissues and organs in detail.

Clinic scan baby service that we offer including in different stages & pricing as below:

  • 11-13 weeks (RM120) : 2D Growth Scan + NT Scan + 3D/4D Scan
  • above 16 weeks (RM60) 2D Growth Scan
  • 20-28 weeks (RM150) : 2D Growth Scan + 2D Detailed Scan
  • 22-28 weeks (RM199) : 2D Growth Scan + 2D Detailed Scan + 3D/4D HD Scan
  • 22-34 weeks (RM119) : 2D Growth Scan + Gender Scan + 3D/4D Scan

The price of scan above NOT INCLUDED the consultation fee.

Scan for the baby’s gender can be done from 16 weeks of pregnancy.


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