Klinik As-Salam

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Welcome to Klinik As-Salam

Klinik As-Salam is a private clinic that started services in the field of health, we have started and served the community in in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor since July 2012. Our patients ranged from newborns to people reaching the golden age of eighty and over. Our gift of lending the communities goes back to motto #ertihiduppadamemberi.


“A preferred family-centred and comprehensive healthcare services prioritizing best care and experience.”


1. We provide convenient and comprehensive healthcare services to Malaysian families

2. We are committed to deliver value added experience to your healthcare needs

3. We aspire to serve, ensuring optimum recovery, relieve suffering and empowering every patient to lead a better-quality life

4. We strive to foster the culture of giving to help improve the wellbeing of the community

Klinik As-Salam is a private clinic chain of family-centered care, a reliable healthcare brand since 2012

Klinik As-Salam was founded by Dr. Azfar bin Hussin who has more than ten (10) years of experience in the field of health services. Klinik As-Salam is not only cares about providing our society and community with high quality health care and education to patients.

In fact, Klinik As-Salam goes further with a program with the community and the local community centered on the welfare of the local community, focusing on the help of medical volunteers & free medical panels.

Klinik As-Salam is currently operated by a team of over 200 highly skilled medical professionals and capable administrative staff to ensure our Klinik As-Salam thrives in today's era.

Klinik As-Salam now also trying to expand its wings by opening several additional branches in strategic locations throughout the states in Malaysia in the coming years. Insya Allah


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