Klinik As-Salam

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Fertility Centre by Klinik As Salam - One of the Best Fertility Clinic in Malaysia

Fertility Centre Clinic

The Fertility Clinic by Klinik As Salam is a medical clinic that helps couples, and sometimes individuals, who want to become parents but for medical reasons cannot achieve this goal through the natural course.

1. Fertility Counseling

  • Consultation by O&G trained doctors.
  • Please bring a partner during the consultation.
  • Prices vary by negotiation and must be paid at the counter.

2. Sperm Analysis

Also known as a sperm count test, it analyzes the health and viability of a man’s sperm.

Fertility Test & Consultation Prices

Fertility Test Pricing (RM)
Consultation Fertility RM 120-150.00
TVS scan RM 120.00
Sperm Analysis RM 198.00
Blood Tests (AMH, FSH, LH) *please see our O&G Specialist for more info
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