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Family Planning & Consultation Service by Klinik As Salam

Family Planning & Consultation

Family planning is important for couples because it gives them control and freedom in determining the number of children they want to have and the spacing between pregnancies. With family planning, couples can make wise decisions based on available resources, financial situation, health of mother and child, and quality of family life. It helps create a happy and healthy family, allowing the couple to give each child enough attention and love. Family planning also helps reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and maternal health complications. By taking proactive steps to plan a family, couples can achieve a stable and balanced family life.

1.  IUCD

  • Does not affect the hormones of breastfeeding mothers
  • Faster Fertility Recovery
  • Does not require much care
  • Effectively prevents pregnancy for 3-5 years
  • Suitable for working women
  • Prevents Pregnancy up to 99%

     * This procedure is performed during the first 7 days of the menstrual cycle

2.  Implanon

  • Practical
  • Good for nursing mothers
  • Reduces the risk of uterine cancer
  • No intensive care
  • Suitable for working women
  • * Maximum for 3 years

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